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[JOB] Jr Developer, Modern Assembly

Modern Assembly is looking for a talented Front End Developer who is passionate about technology, and self-motivated to solve problems and come up with solutions. You must be detail oriented, organized, take pride in your work, and have a strong desire to explore and push the boundaries of what’s possible on the web today. You must have good communication skills and be a true team player, and be comfortable working with a multi-disciplinary team of developers, designers and producers. You are willing to push the envelope and innovate. You like to play with others, and you understand the importance of evaluating timing and scheduling your deliverables.


We expect you to know HTML, use tags efficiently, and have a good grasp of the semantics behind each tag. You should be familiar with Canvas, and know how and when to use SVG’s.


We use all sorts of frameworks, as there’s a new one out every week and they’re all suitable for different tasks. A good JavaScript developer will know how and when to use the appropriate framework. Things like code portability, maintainability (comment your code!), degradation/enhancement, and performance are also important factors we look for in a good developer. We try and keep our code as modular as possible so they can be reused from project to project, and we love to contribute to the open source community when possible.


You are well-versed in SASS, LESS, Stylus or any other CSS preprocessing language. You have a handful of shortcuts and you like to push the envelope with the latest that CSS can do in modern browsers, including animation.


We like our front-end developers to have a decent amount of experience in a server-side programming language of their choice, albeit PHP, NodeJS, Python, or Ruby.

Paul Aaron
Modern Assembly / NYC
1220 Broadway, 9th Floor
mobile | 917.435.5616
skype | paontheinternet
twitter | @paontheinternet