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[GIG] Web Developer / Designer, Grad Film Fellowship


I’m a rising 4th year in the grad film department. I’ve been working with Colin Brown (grad film professor and board member of Slated and CRI) for a project with the Cinema Research Institute.
I’m looking for a web developer / designer to work with on the project should my fellowship go through (this would be paid). The project is to build a film co-op that would be able to operate in nearly any city. We need someone who can build a website with a database, perhaps in Django or Ruby. The CRI board would like for me to go ahead and identify a developer and they have suggested ITP as a great department to tap into.
A little about me: I got my PhD in astronomy before coming to NYU and becoming a director/filmmaker. I’m pretty stoked to be working at a cinema think tank and re-designing film production at the indie level.
Any questions? Just ask!
Dagny Looper