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[JOB] PhotoEx Lab on Digital Narratives in April / May

My name is Kate Fowler and I’m part of the Photography, Expanded team here at the Magnum Foundation. I’m reaching out to let you know that our Digital Narratives Lab, which is being co-produced with the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, is now accepting applications. This is a great opportunity for students working in the field! Please share the info below with your students and greater networks.

Apply for the #PhotoEx Digital Narratives Lab by @MagnumFND & @BrownInstitute for developing social justice projects

We’re also looking for specific nominations! If you know of any photographers that have a strong project to develop, please forward us their information and we’ll contact them directly. If you’d simply like to encourage someone to apply, they can submit here by March 31.
Digital Narratives is a lab developed in collaboration with Columbia Journalism School’s Brown Institute for Media Innovation. It is comprised of a panel presentation and a two-day intensive workshop. The panel will examine a wide range of innovative approaches to documentary storytelling across digital media, while the lab offers a deeper dive into the application of online and interactive strategies and tools for long-form documentary photography stories. Selected Columbia Journalism School students will join other selected participants – practicing photographers, journalists, designers, and engineers – to collaborate to develop new projects focused on social justice or human rights issues.

We are pleased to announce that all participants of the Digital Narratives Lab will be eligible to apply for our Photography, Expanded Fellowship— an opportunity for further creative/strategic support and funding to develop a project.

We will follow up soon with more details about the public panel associated with Digital Narratives, but in the meantime please save the date: Tuesday, April 28, 6-8pm at the Aperture Gallery and Bookstore.

Again, all proposals are due at 5pm EST on March 31st 2015. We look forward to reviewing submissions and further shaping this lab to address the questions and challenges most relevant to the participants,

Thank you for your consideration.

Best Regards,
Kate Fowler


KATE FOWLER Photography, Expanded Assistant

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