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[JOB] Data & Community Analyst, ITP Alumni Association

The ITP Alumni Association ( is looking for a current ITP student to join us as the a Data & Community Analyst. This is a vital role in helping us better understand and communicate with the nearly 3000 strong ITP alumni community.
Responsibilities would include:
  • Research CRM options for ITP Alumni
  • Aggregate and migrate alumni data into CRM
  • Manual reconciliation/verification between ITP List and LinkedIn
  • Understanding of API documentation – LinkedIn primarily
  • Programming skills (data scraping and data collection via API, data visualiztions)
  • Report to ITPAA and DanO on a weekly basis
  • Create visualizations and/or infographics as needed to communicate insights about ITP alumni data
  • Integrate CRM with ITP communications channels like our WordPress site and social media
This is a paid position with flexible work times. You will be working directly with the ITP Alumni association board. (Dan O, do you have additional employment terms to insert?)
Cofounder/Creative Director