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[JOBs] Hackers, Makers, Visionaries and Designers, Viacom Media Lab

WANTED: Hackers, Makers, Visionaries and Designers

Viacom Lab ( is a brand new user-centered and experimental team within Viacom that explores new things at the intersection of media, product and design. We focus solely on rapidly identifying, prototyping and validating new potential offerings that solves problems or creates value for users. We will be collaborating with many great brands, including MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Paramount, and BET (see our many brands at, but we are all about users first and will be ready to launch awesome products independent of brands as well.


We just started in February 2015 and in Year 1, we’re running monthly “Challenge Themes” to identify one prototype per month that has a possible product-market fit. Some themes include live streams 2.0, ultra short-form storytelling, entertainment utilities, mobile games, as well as other emerging areas.


Currently we’re looking for awesome jacks of all trades that can do at least one of the following great, and another one or two really well: user-centered research, ux design, visual design, product development, mobile (ios/android), web, and backend/services engineering, business model design. The day-to-day will be fun and fast-paced, with the opportunity to work on different teams for different projects, and ultimately we all focus on the journey to find the prized and cool ideas that could be revenue-generating businesses.


If the above sounds interesting to you and you think you have what it takes, please send your CV, website, portfolios, sample work to Currently, all positions will be based in NYC.


Thanks very much in advance for your interest!


Viacom Lab Team