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[JOB] Measurement Technology Officer, NYU (full-time)

Measurement Technology Officer

Job Description:
We are seeking someone with an entrepreneurial spirit that is excited about software development within the mobile platform ecosystem (iOS and Android). The successful candidate will participate in developing concepts, writing specifications and implementing code for mobile applications to be used as measurement tools in a study of behavior run by researchers at New York University. This is a growth position for a candidate who is highly self-motivated and will flourish in an exciting, fast-paced start-up environment.

The research will entail gathering a wide range of data types and the successful candidate will be given the opportunity to innovate using the latest mobile technology trends such as bluetooth LE (beacons), M2M and IoT, social media and collaboration platforms and many others. Solid communication skills, a love of learning and an analytical mind are a must. The role will involve design with enterprise mobile web (HTML5, JS, CSS) and native iOS (Objective C), Android (Java) and Windows 8 (C#) mobile applications.

– Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (Computer Science, Engineering or MIS/IT major preferred)
– Previous experience (professional or personal) with developing applications in iOS or/and Android
– Published apps a strong plus
– Strong programming background and familiarity with Object Oriented languages (e.g. Java, C#, Objective-C or C++)
– Knowledge of Data Structures, Algorithms and Designs
– Familiarity with Javascript/HTML5/AJAX/CSS3

Organizational Context:
New York University’s Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of Decision Making (, brings together interdisciplinary scholars of decision making from across NYU ranging from the School of Medicine to the School of Engineering. The mission of IISDM is to support, unite and develop the interdisciplinary study of human decision making throughout the academic and policy landscape at NYU – linking the study of decision making from the level of neurons to the level of social policy. We accomplish this goal by connecting academic scholars in neuroscience, psychology, economics, marketing, management, information systems and finance with practitioners in urban informatics and with medical clinicians wrestling with the pathologies of decision-making. Our goal is to better understand the mechanisms, predict the impacts, and shape the policies that will define the study of decision making tomorrow.

To Apply:

Please e-mail a CV/Resume, a cover letter, and contact information for 1-3 references to

NYU is equal opportunity employer.

About the project
We are currently working with the Kavli Foundation to develop a $2-4M/year 10-50 year survey project which would be the first truly comprehensive large-scale study intended to characterize the major forces that shape human health and behavior.
In essence, the idea is to capture literally every aspect of the lives of 10,000 people in New York City. (It has to be in the city because New York is one of our partners in the project.) We would enroll subjects by taking full medical, financial, social and educational histories as well as taking a full psychological profile and a complete genetic profile. We would then put in place automated systems to track this kind of data going forward. For example, we hope to collect information about literally all financial decision-making (down to the level of individual purchases) as well as location data at two minute intervals for all participants.
The combined breadth and depth of data types should offer unique insights into factors which are known to influence individual health and behavior but which have only rarely been studied together and have never been integrated on such a broad scale.