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[GIG] Electronic Engineer + Micro Controller / Programming Skills, Express Checkout (mobile app start up)

I work for a mobile app startup Express Checkout and we are looking for someone with some electronic engineer and micro-controller setup/programming skills to help us design and build a physical component to our new checkout app.  Our app allows shoppers to shop, scan, and checkout their groceries using their smart phones.  What we need is a physical notification system in the store to alert staff and shoppers in the store that an Express Checkout is about to happen.  This is the current functionality we would like in the unit:
A self contained unit powered by an outlet
Talks to our server over wifi
contains a speaker and has an audio out connection
Can download and store a sound upon request
Is able to trigger a sound or sounds from a server request
Is able to control RGB LED lights and a relay for conventional lights from a server request
Is built to last and while running continuously
Is able to be duplicated and rebuilt from a list of parts and a circuit diagram
The lower cost per unit the better
We will handle all the server coding, but we will need a way for our servers to talk to the unit (HTTP POSTS perhaps).  We will need two built and shipped out to CA asap where we are running our app through its Beta phase. If you are interested we would love to talk to you about time and cost estimates.  Email or call me at 412 225 9810.
Tim Keating