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[JOBs] Multiple Tech Jobs with Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Katharine Bierce <>: Apr 20 02:32PM -0700

I’m not affiliated with the campaign, but got this opportunity from another
email list and thought I’d pass it along.


My friend Nate <> just got hired
as Director of Talent Acquisitions for Hillary’s presidential campaign.
Here are some details for positions to fill (based in Brooklyn), if you or
someone you know would be a good fit:


Hi everyone. Our big push this week is sourcing for our Data & Analytics
team! We’re hiring associates (junior & senior), data science associates,
and two leadership roles – a digital analytics team lead, and a Deputy
Director for the department.

We’re especially excited to find the digital analytics lead sooner rather
than later.

This department supports all major decision-making on the campaign – which
voters to target for Persuasion & Get Out The Vote efforts, what communications
messages should be used where, how best to spend advertising $, how best to
fundraise, etc – all of the most critical functions. The data & analytics
team is like the nerve center for the campaign understanding how to compete
as effectively as possible. It’s sort of like an internal consultancy,
which serves the other departments to help them make the right calls. It’s
also run by a fantastic Director who lead analytics for the battleground
states for Obama in 2012.

Folks for all of these data & analytics roles will have things in common:
– Very quant minds & work experience.
– Strong familiarity with analytics/statistical software & tools, e.g. R
STATA SPSS SQL GIS Python Hadoop Go, Weka, Apache Spark, etc.
– Experience working with large data sets & incomplete data sets.
– Ability to work smart & hard – long hours, a true love of the analytics
and figuring out what is going on in the data, even after a long day.
– Good client management skills & a customer service attitude, as they are
providing support to other teams.
– A passion for using numbers to figure out how to elect Hillary Clinton as
our next President.

We are excited people from various backgrounds – startups, corporate,
agency – and for the data science set, academics – PhDs, etc.For the data
science roles, folks with experience with any of these: predictive
analytics and modeling, survey methodology, causal inference, experimental
design and analysis, independent research, text analysis/natural language
processing or regression analysis, machine learning.

As with the other technical teams, we are working hard to bring in diverse
candidates & women for consideration, as team balance it very important to
us. So keep that in mind as you’re thinking about who might be perfect for

All of these roles are based in Brooklyn. People can email me directly with their resume and a short note about which
role they are excited about – and I can put them in touch with the hiring
leads if it looks like there is a good fit.

Please share as widely as you can!


Hey folks, I wanted to share the list of technical positions that we are
working hard to fill right now – in case you know someone:

Deputy CTO
Director of Frontend
Frontend Engineers
Product Managers
Database Architect
Backend Engineer (Python)
Project Managers

We’ll be applying a very high bar re: competency, attitude, and commitment
to our mission. Diversity is also really important to us. Anyone come to

You can tag folks here or have them email me –
and we’ll see who looks like a great fit. Thanks!