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[GIG] Cinema 4D Artist, Light Harvest Studio

Title: Cinema 4D Artist for Light Harvest Studio

Director / Producer: Ryan Uzilevsky

Project Needs:

Light Harvest Studio is looking for a Cinema4D artist to work on a freelance basis to help with our high projection mapping installations. Day rates and project fees scale depending on experience level and speed.


The content we are creating is a mixture of material simulations, complex animated geometric designs, procedural animation, 3D motion graphics, and optical illusion based VFX.


You are well versed in modeling, animation, texturing and rendering with Cinema 4D. After Effects compositing and animation experience a huge plus.


Please send your best work examples done with C4D and After Effects only. Please be sure to explain your contribution when submitting group-based work.


You must be willing to work our studio so you need to be in the NYC area preferably.

NYU Affiliation: Non Affliated

Project Description:

Welcome to Light Harvest Studio! A boutique design firm in Brooklyn, NY, we are the home of New York’s most visionary digital light painters.


Audio-visual installation and site-specific projection mapping have released the beloved art of cinema from the confines of the traditional viewing environment.


Bridges and tunnels, fine art galleries, museums, special events, parties, concerts – almost any location can now host large-scale cinematic entertainment. Our culture’s greatest communication medium becomes free to travel, interact and respond to the environment beyond the screen.


Light Harvest Studio is at the forefront of this revolution. For nearly a decade we have created large scale video installations with the intention of transforming the visual environment and re-imagining architecture.


Our award winning-special effects and cinematography in conjunction with cutting-edge display technology allow us to keep pushing the envelope of possibility in this new era.


Time: Spring / Summer 2015, Ongoing

Location:Brooklyn, NY