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[GIGs] UX Designers, Kensho

I’m working as the sole (for now) UX designer at a startup called Kensho and am looking to grow the team.  We are headquartered in Harvard Square (Boston) and just opened a NYC office.

We are a small group of, mostly, industry outsiders working on analytics and data-visualization tools capable of quickly answering the kinds of questions that previously could only be answered effectively by super-secret hedge funds (who were, until now, able to exploit the information asymmetry to their advantage).  An example question would be “what happens to markets when a category 3 hurricane makes landfall in the U.S.?”  This capability has left us well positioned to shake up the financial industry.

We have a fun and brilliant team of about 25 people who jumped ship from places like Google, Kayak, edX, and the MIT media lab to work with Kensho.  We have gained a lot of traction really quickly.  In less than two years, we have received investments from Google and Goldman Sachs among others (we raised $15m in the last round), and have formed a partnership with CNBC to provide event-based analytics for web and on-air news.  It looks like we are going to continue on this trajectory and are growing quickly.

Here is the article that originally got me interested in the company.

So, while that all sounds great (hopefully), I need some help.  I’m looking for people interested in helping me to build, from the ground up, a world-class design team capable of taming this beast of a problem and elevating the user experience and visual design to the levels you see in the very best consumer apps.

Let me know if this sounds interesting.  It would be great to connect.

Thanks.  Hope to hear from you,

Eli Rosen


cellphone: 617-733-4915