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[JOB] Design Prototyper, Diagram

Design Prototyper
You are a maker at heart. You know that visualization, even at it’s lowest fidelity, is the only true way to see how someone
to prototype for services and experiences.

interacts with something. You should have good sketching and concepting skills, and most importantly, be able to translate ideas clearly and simply. This is not a position for someone who makes physical prototypes only, but rather for someone who knows how

Diagram is a design studio and consultancy working in healthcare. We strongly believe that design can improve the patient
We aren’t afraid to work on a hunch, get it wrong and build it again. We’re looking for similar individuals who are up for the challenge.
experience. We work hard to bring patient insights and prototyping early in the process of development and maintain it as a function throughout the product or service evolution. We have a strong and clear vision and love to operate in a young and scrappy model.

use narrative strategies to build, sketch and generate ideas
invent, create, and iterate prototypes that complement human-centered research strategies
support the development of research strategies that will meet the needs of users
work in a cross disciplinary team
rapidly prototype ideas that string across an entire experience

share and communicate Diagram’s vision
actively participate in building a creative, productive, fun studio environment
develop collaborative, cross-functional approaches
be self-initiated and bring new/relevant ideas to the table
ability to travel
must be able to work 100% in office

experience in healthcare is a plus, but not required
must be a good storyteller
a no fear attitude when it comes to new methods and approaches
know that sometimes you have to see it in order to know if it’s right
simplify complex ideas
work quickly and efficiently – be flexible and agile
technical efficiency with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Powerpoint
1-2 years of research experience
3-4 years of experience in a relevant field

We are looking for fulltime freelance with the opportunity to turn into fulltime. Show us you want this job, and we’ll
get along fine.
We are located in New York City.

Please send cover letter, CV and work samples to: