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[CALL] The E.A.T. School Lunch UX Challenge

The E.A.T. School Lunch UX Challenge asks UX designers & web developers to give the school meal programs application an overhaul. Millions of students applied for program benefits last school year, but most applications are completed on paper, and errors processing them are common. This could lead to improper payments or denial of benefits to kids in need.
That’s why we’re asking technologists to help create a new electronic application form that will improve accuracy and help ensure eligible kids have access to meals. This new electronic prototype should incorporate great UX & interaction design features for the best possible reporting outcome.
The digital applications that most impressively redesign the user experience will win a total of $50,000 (including a $1K student award) and help establish a new national standard in digital design for government.
We’re encouraging UX designers, front-end coders, and behavioral science experts to team up for the hackathon. Would you please share this with your academic community? We can provide a web flyer and sample social media outreach if you need it!
There’s more info @ Thank you for your support!