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[JOB] User Experience Designer/Technologist, Apple Industrial Design

User Experience Designer/Technologist

Apple Industrial Design is looking for a user experience designer/technologist who is passionate about creating interactions with our products that are intuitive, magical and delightful. This designer is skilled at prototyping and is technology-savvy, curious, inventive, detail-obsessed and highly collaborative.

Candidates must have:
• A passion for solving challenging problems regarding how we interact with products.
• A keen understanding of technological and engineering principles.
• A healthy obsession with how products are made, how they work and how users interact with them.
• An extensive background building user experience prototypes for exploration, refinement and communication of ideas.
• A deep appreciation of acoustic, haptic and visual aesthetics.
• Excellent cross-functional communication skills among design, technology and engineering teams.

Degree in Industrial, Product or Interaction Design along with a Technical or Engineering background preferred.

To apply, please direct CV and portfolio to