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JOB: IceCube WinterOver Experiments Operator

IceCube WinterOver Experiments Operator

These positions serve as the IceCube “Winterovers” and will be deployed to the South Pole for 12-13 months. Training for two candidates is anticipated to begin in Madison, WI in July, 2017. Deployment to the South Pole is expected to be in early October, 2017 for 12-13 months with no possibility of leaving during the winter months from mid-February, 2018 to mid-October, 2018.

Expertise will be balanced between the two candidates over the range of skills required. Individuals will be required to have a good working knowledge of the entire system. The candidates will be members of a small isolated community at the South Pole for eight months of the year. Community members participate in a wide range of activities including fire or trauma team, kitchen tasks, general cleaning, and station opening and closing duties. The successful candidates will attend the NSF contractor orientation program and will be expected to pass physical and psychological evaluations to work at polar and high altitude sites for one year, as required by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Office of Polar Programs.