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JOB: part-time fellowship at NewInc Fab Lab

NEW​INC ​ ​Fab ​ ​Lab ​ ​Fellowship ​ ​
NEW INC is the first museum-led incubator for art, design and technology, founded by the New Museum
in 2014. An interdisciplinary 12-month program that focuses on cultural innovation, collaboration and
professional development, each year we bring together 100 creative practitioners and entrepreneurs in
our 8,000 s.f. workspace on the Bowery to develop their ideas, and build business and leadership skills.
The Fabrication Fellow will work closely with NEW INC’s community of artists, designers, arts
administrators and creative entrepreneurs to help develop their projects, provide technical advice and
troubleshooting, and foster a supportive learning environment in this new and exciting space. The
Fabrication Fellow will report to the Head of Operations & Production and work closely with the NEW
INC team to continue to build out and develop the use of NEW INC’s fabrication space through its first
5-months of operation. Primary responsibilities will include working with the NEW INC team to implement
new operational systems, maintenance schedules and frameworks, along with safety protocols and best
practices. Additionally, the Fellow will have the opportunity to lead fabrication workshops and skillshares
to encourage experimentation with new design and prototyping practices within our community.
This opportunity is a 5-month, part-time fellowship that would suit a current student working towards
graduate qualifications, or a recent graduate continuing to develop their own practice. NEW INC is able
to offer access to workshop and office space, with flexibility to work on personal projects outside of
scheduled hours.
Duties include but are not limited to
Fabrication​Lab ​ ​Maintenance ​
● Establish regular maintenance schedule for all equipment including 3D Printers, Laser Cutter,
CNC, and associated computing systems, including software.
● Ensure cleanliness and organization of the space.
● Co-ordinate with vendors for site visits and maintenance as necessary.
● Work with Technology Coordinator to implement shop par levels, and member material
purchase/rental program.
● Ongoing troubleshooting of machinery.
Member​ ​Project​ ​Assistance
● Work closely with NEW INC members to develop their projects within the fabrication space,
assisting with technical troubleshooting, design solutions, and support.
Fabrication​ ​Workshops
● Work closely with the Head of Operations and Technology Coordinator to conceive of
supplementary workshops on specific machinery that will positively contribute to member
engagement and learning beyond technical programming in the lab.
● Minimum of 2 years demonstrated experience in fabrication, prototyping, and/or previous
experience in maker spaces.
● Strong familiarity with materials and practices associated with small-scale modeling,
prototyping, and fabrication including hardware, software, and best practices.
● Fluency with 3D modeling software such as Rhino, and high level of fluency with Adobe
● Excellent communication skills and a willingness to collaborate on member projects
● Experience working with 3D printers, CNCs, laser cutters, and associated machinery
● Experience working with Virtual Reality hardware and software is desirable but not essential
For​ inq ​ uiries​ please ​ ​ send ​ ​ a​ ​ co​ ver​ l​ etter​ and ​ ​re​ sume​to​ ​Alexandra ​ ​ D​ arby,​ H​ ead​ of ​ ​ O​ perations​& ​
Production​ NEW ​ ​ INC ​ ​ (​ad​​