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JOB: Baculus, Freelance


Jonathan Dahan looking to hire two additional collaborators to help build a prototype for baculus. We received an honorable mention from the design phase of the Mozilla Wins Challenge, and are continuing to apply to the Prototype Phase.


Jonathan is an artist and developer based out of Brooklyn, and has taught and attended at the School for Poetic Computation, Recurse Center, Parsons, and ITP Camp. Professionally, he

was part of the Media Lab at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a developer at Etsy, and is currently working with Small Data Industries, Micah Walter Studios, and pursuing independent research at Recurse Center.

Ariel Cotton, is a cartoonist, designer, and developer based in NYC and Berlin, and David Huerta, is a front end developer and digital security trainer at the freedom of the press foundation. The project is highly collaborative and hands-on.



By June 14th, I’d like to:

  • create 3 backpacks, with all the hardware and software needed to communicate ‘offline’
  • simulate and test a disaster where nodes go down in prospect park and red hook
  • document the build process
  • test battery life, propogation speed, distance of diferent solutions
  • user test and decide on an initial set of software to use (of the shelf or modifed)
  • All hardware, software, designs, will be developed in the open, and published CC0 or whatever appropriate open source licenses we can release them under.

Technologies we are using right now:

  • hardware raspberry pi, arduino, limesdr, ubiquiti, esp32
  • software gnuradio, mesh networks, ifs, dat, scuttlebutt, javascript, bash
  • networks wifi, satellite, GSM, LTERoles

All the roles here are just ideas of the kind of person who might be excited to work on the project – if you are at all interested but don’t ft one of these molds, please apply!

system hacker

  • build reproduce-able image for single board computer (likely raspberry pi/beaglebone)
  • write tools to interface with iridium satellite network (likely gnuradio)
  • create reproduce-able images and confg for mesh network (likely nycmesh/ubiquiti)
  • evaluation and testing of network connectivity in prospect park / red hook

data hacker

  • evaluation of backend ofine-frst data sync tech (ipfs, dat, scuttlebutt, sharedb, ???)
  • evalulation of ofine-frst community-supporting tools (message board, maps)
  • creation of dashboard/map-view for responder needs during disaster recovery
  • design of hardware interface for wayfnding (micro controller dowsing rod?)
  • hardware hacker
  • battery life testing & optimization
  • distance performance testing
  • text messaging application development (likely gnuradio + dumbstore)


The total budget for the project is $10,000, split amongst all roles. Compensation will be provided in USD or ETH, negotiable as a day rate or fat fee for deliverables. In the spirit of transparency we will publish our financials openly.

Contact to apply