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JOB: Bowery, Full-time, Junior Full-stack Developer


Full-time, Junior Full-stack Developer

Bowery is the only tech enabled real estate appraisal company on the planet. We are bringing what is an otherwise very manual process into the digital age, streamlining the collection of data and the generation of the final appraisal report. Our goal is to create a platform that leverages the expertise of appraisers and makes them multiple times more efficient across all areas of their work.

Bowery runs on a React/Redux, Node.js/MongoDB stack deployed to Heroku and Mongolab, we have CI and testing procedures in place, code review all work before integrating it, and run a nearly standard scrum process for feature development. Currently Bowery has remote and local developers but we are only looking to add to the local team here in New York at this stage.

Our goal is to bring in someone who has a strong CS background or development experience and a CS-related background. The right person would be eager to learn how to become a great developer by learning from the experienced team we have a in place. The ideal candidate will be excited to leave the codebase better than they found it with every commit. The complex nature of the appraisal business means that engineers who like to get inside their problem domains and really understand the interactions of the various components will excel here.

Our engineering pipeline over the next several months includes adding several large new features, adding new market segments, and bringing the architecture of the system in line with the needs of our internal client base and for our white label deployments.


Desired Qualifications

4-year Computer Science degree or related


Salary: 85k – 115k Competitive Equity Health Benefits

For questions and how to apply, please emailĀ