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JOB: Happy Elements, AI Engineers

2019 Happy Elements Campus Recruitment

Happy Elements is a leading interactive entertainment company in Asia and is committed to creating happiness for users worldwide. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Beijing, Happy Elements currently has nearly 700 employees, with offices and R&D centers in Beijing, Tokyo, Shanghai, Kyoto and San Francisco. Our business covers games and ACG products (comics, animations & virtual stars). Currently, talents we seek out in our San Francisco office are mainly AI engineers with a few years’ experience while most of positions open to fresh graduates are based in Beijing and Shanghai. We pride ourselves in offering a good balance between flexibility and strong expertise as an employer, and we expect that talents with unique skillset from overseas will greatly contribute to more diverse product portfolio. If anyone is interested in any of the openings, feel free to directly apply via the link attached and we will get back to you ASAP.

Game Studio:
Happy Elements owns several highly popular games, including Happy Fish, ANIPOP, Merc Storia, and Ensemble Stars. ANIPOP is a particularly beloved game for millions of players. Today, Happy Elements has become one of Asia’s most cutting-edge interactive entertainment companies, with successful game development and operating experience in both China and Japan.

Game Studio Openings:
Game Designer
Gameplay Programmer
Graphics Engineer
ETL Engineer

IP (Animation, Comics and Virtual Stars 动漫类&二次元虚拟偶像):

IP Department was founded in 2016 as part of the company’s forward-looking strategic plan to create original IP with
high profiles and reputation in cartoon and ACG field. Currently we have already had a couple animation projects
launched and a virtual star project released. Our goal for the virtual star project is to take advantage of cutting-edge
Mocap technology to bring real-time interactive experience that is significant momentum to our users.

IP Openings:
Anime Production 动漫制片
Animation CG/ Unity 3D Engineer
Graphics Engineer