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JOB: Ruby-on-Rails Instructor (Part-time)

Ruby & Ruby-on-Rails Instructor (Part-time)

NY, NY, 10003
Part-Time – the class is taught at night from 6-9pm

Total Hours Teaching = 30 Hours
Job would start in June

Company Description
Noble Desktop is a leading design and coding school in New York City. Founded in 1990,
Noble Desktop offers hands-on classes and certificate programs in web development,
graphic design, motion graphics, UX, video editing & more. Noble also provides free classes
in a wide range of tech and web design topics. Its custom training workbooks are used by
universities and schools around the world.

Job Description
The job will entail teaching a group of students (no more than 15) Ruby on Rails. More
details on the course are on the class page:

Please apply to this job if you are available to teach or to edit the curriculum.

The instructor will be paid on an hourly basis; hourly wages range from 20-70 dollars
based on experience. The instructor will be employed under a “work for hire
agreement” for 30 hours, therefore the total compensation shall not exceed hourly-
wage x 30 hours. If the instructor is editing the curriculum – the instructor will be
compensated separately.

Phone: 201-953-4893