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JOB: UX/Visual Designer for EdTech Start Up

UX / Visual Designer Wanted for EdTech Start Up

An old teacher of mine is building a start-up that’s going to kill the Princeton Review of Colleges. Essentially, they’re going to revolutionize the way high school students find the right college degree program, not just any college. (A problem a lot of us can probably empathize with, unfortunately.)

Degreecast is search platform helps students discover degree programs at colleges and universities across the US with more relevance and detail than ever before. They have a beta and are looking for a UX / VISUAL DESIGNER to help bring the full platform to life.
If you want to get involved email your portfolio to:
Tell him Cole sent you. Or don’t. He’s gonna know anyway if a bunch of UX designers just start emailing him looking for a job.
From their site:
DegreeCast is remastering college search, making it clearer and faster than you’ve ever seen. Now you can find and compare degree programs from EVERY college, not just the big brand names. With us, you can finally compare the degrees and certifications themselves, not simply information about the entire school.