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CALL: Visual Artists Project

Dear ITP,

I am a visual artist based in Brooklyn, and I am currently working on a project this summer for an exhibition in fall. The exhibition is in Japan, and I have been working with a Japanese university on adapting some of their soft robotics research for my project. I am looking for an assistant who can help with the project on a part time basis during the months of June, July and August. The ideal person would be comfortable with the software and hardware elements, programming arduino and pcs, working with air relays and compressor, and have basic fabrication skills combining digital and physical materials (3d modeling for cnc fabrication of molds, casting in soft materials like silicones).
My collaborator Aaron Davidson and I have guidance from the team in Japan, but we are fabricating the work here in New York, as the soft robotics part is just one aspect of a larger project. We are also in need of some assistance with authoring of virtual spaces for running simulations, and knowledge of pc modification and customization would be a plus. If you have any talented instructors or alumni who might be looking for part time work this summer, with potential to work on future projects, we would be grateful if you could pass along our information so we can share more with them about the project.
Many thanks for passing along our information.
best regards,
Melissa Dubbin & Aaron S. Davidson
+1 347 564 6066 Melissa
+1 347 512 6956 Aaron