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JOB: Temp, Developer for a hardware art/box/object


Developer for a hardware art/box/object that is placed in client offices and allows us to accept ad track drops of material into a case. This much is done and working:
– BRAIN: Raspberry Pi 3 (with wifi and Bluetooth) with an Adafruit “hat” that allows the raspberry pi to drive an LED matrix as a simple digital signage unit.
– TRACKER: Samsung smartthings GPS tracker (talks via cellular back to a hoe base)
– COME GET ME BUTTON: Amazon Dash button that connects to wifi, and sends a string of text to a particular webhook URL which posts the text in a Slack channel.

Scope we’d like to hire someone to do:

Phase 1 (Ideally in the next month)
– make the Raspberry Pi display something more interesting things than a a simple Logo (currently just the desktop image). Thinking along the lines of a rotating series of images or the Date/Time, Local Weather, Client Logo, Our Logo, etc; repeat.
– Change the dash button to do its communicating via the Bluetooth on the Raspberry Pi instead of wifi, so we only have to put the Pi on the site’s wifi and not both devices. (To simplify setup and deployment.)

Phase 2 (ideally by the end of July)
– Make a web front end that we can update what the display is showing (i.e. simple digital signage.)

Phase 3: (TBD)
– Still exploring but it would be great to have someone on board to iterate features over time.