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CALL: Nanoori Art and Design Challenge

Nanoori Art and Design Challenge

Nanoori Hospital Shanghai is a general hospital specializing in spine and joint medical services, and minimally invasive surgical treatment. We strive to provide high-quality healthcare services to our patients from China, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Mongolia, India, and the United Arab Emirates. We also explore innovative ways to promote medical services that can lead to new healthcare insight.

This summer, we are launching the first Nanoori Art and Design Challenge (NADC). We encourage the artists, designers, creative technologists, and performers of all cultural backgrounds to submit and showcase their creative, thoughtful, and innovative works.


Students, Freelancers, Professional Artists, and Designers are all welcome to participate

Challenge Objective

Present your response to an issue with the current lifestyle or habit that impairs the spine or joint health condition. NADC will provide winning participants an exposure to be featured in online, print, and filmed content, and a chance to participate in a group exhibition in Shanghai at the end of the year.


First Place: 20000 RMB + Certificate + Group Exhibition in Shanghai

First Runner-up: 10000 RMB + Certificate + Group Exhibition in Shanghai

Second Runner-up: 5000 RMB + Certificate + Group Exhibition in Shanghai

NADC Ambassadors (5 people): Certificate + Group Exhibition in Shanghai

Important Dates and Deadlines

August 07, 2019: Application window opens

October 30, 2019: Application window closes

November 7, 2019: Artist selection announced

December 2019: Artwork presented in Shanghai

Required Entry Materials:

The entrants are required to submit their work accompanied by a text description so that the juries can fully understand and asses the entries.

Submission Form

Please complete the submission form and submit with the other requirements.


300 to 500 words describing the concept, usage, and a statement on how the work reflects on or responses to current spine and joint health issues.

Cover Image

Please send one cover image that best represents your work. The image may be in GIF, PNG, or JPG format, RGB color mode, 72 DPI, and 4:3 portrait or landscape with 1200 pixel on the longer edge.

Entry Format

The entries can be, but not limited to, Video, Installation, WeChat GIFs, Web, Mobile App, Sound, and Wearable. In order to submit, please choose one of the following formats that best conveys the idea and showcases the work:

Image Files: You may submit 5 to 10 images in any of three formats: PDF, GIF, PNG, or JPG formats. Images files should not exceed 10MB in size

Audio Files: You may submit audio files in .mp3 or .mp4 format. Audio files can be up to 5mb. (2 min max)

Video Files: If you are submitting a or video entry, please send us a link to the video uploaded online. ( 2 min max)

Web: Please include a URL to the website

Please do not put logos or text on any images or videos.

At this moment, please do not send us any packages or emails for a submission. We will contact each participant individually when the original work is required.


Nanoori Hospital Shanghai Logo images and usage regulations can be found here.


If you have any further inquiries, please contact us at with ‘[NADC]’ in the subject line.