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JOB: Museum of Ice Cream, Tech Producer

Tech Producer

Museum of Ice Cream

New York HQ

MOIC is looking for a technology producer with immersive entertainment experience and a strong understanding of processes and implemented technology. An ideal candidate works with embedded/connecting lighting, sound design, immersive media A/V production and is knowledgeable about the intricacies of technical aspects within immersive art and technology installations. Emphasis on going beyond AV/VR and media tech installations to incorporate tangible interactive technologies (i.e. embedded sensors) and IoT connected ecosystems. Must have experience working directly with technology developers, engineers (software and physical environment engineers) and digital experience designers implementing tech in both 2d and 3d environments.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Producing installations that bridge technology and architecture/installation design internally for Museum of Ice Cream
  • Finding, contacting, and coordinating with external partners, vendors, fabricators, manufacturers and consultants
  • Providing macro and micro budget estimates based on responses from vendors
  • Creating and submitting RFPs and RFIs based on identified project needs
  • Developing workable budgets and executing work plans
  • Refining project specifications, timetables and roadmaps based on project deliverables
  • Participating in gathering project requirements and specifying features and functions, providing feedback on implementation feasibility.
  • Participating in creative workshops, prototyping and concept generation
  • Recording all communication and vendor-client-partner-consultant feedback
  • Presenting feedback, findings, research and updates in visual-friendly presentation format
  • Working as a liasion between all technology team and vendors: developers, designers, technologists: hardware and software, backend and frontend
  • Engaging with the creative team in ideation, participate in pitches and client meetings.

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