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JOB: Accent Labs, Senior Role

Hi! I’m Mike Kuniavky, and I’m hiring a new senior role for my team at Accenture Labs in SF:

“The primary purpose of our applied research is to address important
business problems by transforming the way people interact with technology
in various facets of their lives including: the way connected workers team
with machines on the job; the way retail customers experience a
digitally-enhanced buying experience; and the way smart products can
improve the way consumers live.  In these contexts, we explore the impact
of extended reality, crowdsourcing, physical and virtual robots and more.”

We are looking for someone with experience leading small teams of people
with a variety of skills to explore the impact of new technologies by
clearly articulating new ideas (i.e. explaining why a new technology will
make a positive change in the world) and developing functional examples of
such technologies (to show how the technology will work).

Ideally, I’m looking for PhD-level researchers, but I’m open to working
with people with other backgrounds, especially recognizing that not
everyone can, or wants to, get a PhD to do awesome work.

Please pass this along to whoever you think would be interested and have
them ping me at with any questions.