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JOB: Robofun, Graphic Design Freelance


Graphic Design Freelance

Vision Education & Media provides exciting, hands-on after school programs using
emerging technologies for PK-12th grade youth. We ignite kids’ passion to explore & solve
problems as they learn to invent, build, code and troubleshoot. Our students build and program
LEGO® robots, solder DIY electronic projects, create and code video games, shoot stop motion
animations, and design web pages. We believe learning should be fun!
We’re looking for a great graphic designer who is a great communicator.
On a monthly basis, we need support about 15 hours a month. Some months more, some months
less. Basic jobs will include creating or editing:

● powerpoints
● style sheets
● printed materials for curriculums, brochures, etc.
● printed posters
● business cards
● designing (or modifying stationary)
● other things that roll in the door that need to be addressed

Work will be done offsite. The successful candidate will be responsive, open to new ideas and
feedback. The successful candidate will have an excellent graphic sense, excellent training in a
variety of platforms and the ability to communicate easily and within a reasonable amount of time.
To apply:
Please send a resume and samples of your work to: Compensation will be
hourly. Range: 30 – 50 per hour, based upon experience.