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For any of these roles, you can apply to
Please send your resume, portfolio, desired location(s), and approx salary range you’re open to.
Kindly reference “ITP” in the subject line.
***Referral bonus of up to $1,000 for the longterm placement of your referrals – please feel free to share these roles ito folks in your network, and ask them to drop your name if they apply so we can give you the credit, and our gratitude!***


High-end NYC tech startup in the fitness/lifestyle space has multiple roles open in UX + UI Design, User Research, and Program Mgmt/DesignOps. They’re a brand name that’s totally blowing up right now, they offer a multitude of classes across cycling, running, yoga, meditation, strength training, and they make their own proprietary equipment. They have nearly $1B in funding, 330K members in their lively and active Facebook community, and gorgeous, user-friendly design aesthetic.

They’re seeking the following folks with consumer-facing experience (extra points for lifestyle/sports/fitness experience but not required):

Lead Product Designer (full stack, Visual leaning) for both a disruptive Rx delivery startup – remote OK

  • they’ll be owning 2 totally different design systems, for both consumers and pharmacists, as well as owning streams of work for complex B2C + B2B platforms
  • we’ve known and love their HoD for 10+ years now – would be an amazing boss!
  • JD:

Lead Product Designer (fullish-stack, more Visual leaning) at a hearing health startup

  • with a rockin’ HoD from Amazon (she’s a totoal kick), some marketing design (10%) will be a part of it, but the rest is full stack.
  • seeking someone with “emotional design” – how do you get people to do something they don’t want to? (ie, take a hearing test / buy hearing aids when they’re in their 20s or 30s, or beyond, and don’t want to admit that they need help?)
  • NYC only (post Covid of course).
  • JD:


Sr Product Designer (full stack, Visual leaning) at a FinTech/POS company that helps small business owners compete vs the big box stores

  • a competitor to Square and beautiful design great mission such a friendly awesome place; longtime client – big $$ backing
  • this can be based in NYC/NJ/CT, Atlanta, Austin, CO Springs, Omaha, Milwaukee.
  • JD:


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