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I am looking for a CTO who is well-equipped and passionate about Reaction & E-commerce. Someone who is driven and has a creative mindset and background. The ideal person is available with their time & would take control of this role of the company website’s coding and development to bring it to launch. Ideally: Someone in the NYC area location
Website:  (as is:  React, Meteor, Reaction Commerce) page:^ Think of the site as a cross between a site & a site


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The product is patented in the United States & Globally

Product Background:The ‘business card’ hasn’t truly been reinvented since its European aristocracy origin, yet people continue to buy this antiquated product due to the lack of other options available. We are reinventing the business card for today’s modern era which combines a business card with a pamphlet by providing a marketing tool of 4 business cards in 1 when flat and also 3D.
Market:10 BILLION business cards are printed per year in the United States alone. 27.4 million business cards are printed daily. The USA revenue of the business card print industry exceeds $798.6 million annually. The national average spend on one set of business cards is $194.00
Dev Investment:
In exchange for the vested dev work on the website, the CTO will initially earn an on-going long-term percentage of sales once the site goes ‘live’.

Contact: Andrea Simon <>