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JOB: Flagship Pioneering Fellowship for Grad Students and tech professionals

Flagship Pioneering conceives, resources, and builds life-changing companies (including the now familiar drug and vaccine innovator Moderna). Flagship has created over 100 scientific ventures resulting in >$200 billion in aggregate value, 500+ issued patents, and >50 clinical trials for novel therapeutic agents.


The Flagship Pioneering Fellowship offers a rare opportunity to apply your scientific expertise, entrepreneurial talent, and self-starter mentality toward creating the next world-changing startups and ventures in human health and sustainability. Fellows work in teams and start by asking “what if” and “if only,” drawing on the literature but primarily using their own scientific instincts and creativity to generate novel scientific concepts that challenge existing dogma. Throughout the summer, Fellows learn to variate, iterate, and shape these ideas into unreasonable yet compelling venture hypotheses with the potential to produce pioneering new ventures.


We are launching a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) track within our Fellowship this year. As Flagship creates more companies that leverage AI at their core, we are seeking graduate students, postdocs, and technical professionals in computer science, applied math, physics, computational biology, or another computational field. This will be a unique opportunity to work on venture creation leveraging machine learning and other computational techniques to accelerate breakthrough innovations in health and sustainability. Applications are rolling, but interested candidates are strongly encouraged to apply before January 31, 2022. 


If you are interested in learning more, please attend our NYU Info Session (details below).


Date: Friday, February 4, at 4pm ET