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JOB: Maker-In-Residence, Dwight School

I am also reaching out to see if you have any candidates who may be interested in running our 9th-12th grade makerspace. Ideally someone both patient and passionate. The candidate can work full or part time and will not need to teach but will be helping our teachers and students with digital fabrication and possibly robotics!

We would give the candidate the title, maker-in-residence and YES, there is a fairly generous stipend associated with the position. Ideally someone who may want to go into maker education but the main goal is someone who can help teachers with digitally fabricating projects and maintaining the lab. The Spark Lab is located on Columbus avenue between 88th and 89th. Its a storefront makerspace and classroom and kids LOVE being here.
The position would start in the fall (Sept 6) although I would be happy to hire someone before we break for the summer. We are flexible on the full/part time part and want to keep it open for those still in school – (ideally grad school), since the candidate will be working with 9th-12th graders.
Lesa Wang | Global Spark Programs Director and Head of Design