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JOB: 27 of 45 AI/ML Newsroom role at NYTimes

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From: Tom Igoe (NYU account) <>
Had a zoom call this afternoon with Karthik about this job at the NY Times, and I promised him I’d re-share it. They haven’t filled the role yet, aiming do do so by July, partially I think because it’s not clear on a casual read what the job is. It’s a lot more interesting the way he describes it. I thought at first it as primarily a graphics design job, but it turns out to be more of a programming/media/forensics job.
Basically, his new role, since 2019, is to figure out interesting new ways to cover stories for the Times using a variety of technologies, and the team is growing. They do things like generate 3D models from hand-drawn maps + AI in order to generate forensic illustrations for news stories; figure out how to generate high-res models from sports video footage for deep analysis stories; and so forth. There’s some work with drones and VR/AR which I didn’t follow entirely, but which sounded like interesting uses of VR as well.
If you know of anyone looking for work in those areas, send them on to Karthik, or send them this posting. Now that graduation’s over I imagine a few folks are starting to look.
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From: Karthik Patanjali <>
Hi Midori,

hope you’re doing well. Our team is hiring for a Graphics Editor AI/ML. This person would work closely with me/our team and use ML, CV and AI in journalistic applications. If you could pass this along, that would be wonderful!

Karthik Patanjali
Special Projects Editor – Graphics

The New York Times
Work: (212) 556-5987 | Mobile: (404) 747-1686