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JOB: summer opportunities

My name is Josh Corn and I’m an experience designer based in Gowanus. I’ll be teaching a fabrication course at ITP this Fall but I’m looking for a couple grads who may be able help me in the near term.

I have two opportunities:


Looking for a couple folks to assist with the assembly of some PCBs and enclosures for a small run of products.

-must be proficient with through hole soldering (ideally also experience with SMD reflow soldering)

-must have great attention to detail

-must be available 5/25-5/26 and in the NY area (our office is located in Gowanus)

-can offer $30/hr for this project with potential for more projects in the future.

Can reach out to for details.


Looking for someone with access to an AxiDraw pen plotter to develop a backend for data driven generative art. The pen plotter will be set up as part of a long term immersive theater experience from mid-June to October 2023. Can provide data sample upon request.

-must submit portfolio of generative artwork with pen plotters

-ideally has experience setting up Raspberry Pi connected to AxiDraw for long term installation

-based in NY/Philadelphia region

-access to a car preferred (project is based in NJ)

Can reach out to and for details. Please submit work sample with initial email.

Let me know if any additional information is needed and thanks so much in advance!



Josh Corn | 941.726.3268