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FREELANCE: Climate Change project

Looking for:
– Unreal Environmental Artist
– Unreal Technical Director
– AI / Chatbot programmer
For anyone who cares about climate and wants to make impact, I’m putting together a prototype immersive climate experience in the Dreamcube.  One developer has built a pipeline in Unreal that takes the 3D model of NYC and projects it onto the four projection walls, integrating interactivity with Vive Trackers.
I’m looking for three folks:
1. Unreal Environmental Artist
Take an existing 3D model of four blocks of NYC and augment it to look like a full fledged “ecotopia” that visitors can walk through, and with their gestures with the vive trackers, literally grow trees and bushes
2. Unreal Technical Artist
Someone to both integrate Speed Tree to create generative trees, or to swap pre-rendered tree growth sequences into the existing pipeline
3. AI / Chatbot programmer
Take a large spreadsheet of solutions, impacts and follow up responses and use them to program an AI chatbot interface for users to text into
Contact: Jake Barton <>