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Submit to Flux Open Calls at Governors Island!

Submit Your Ideas to the Emoji Think Tank on Governors Island by August 18!

Right now, at this moment, wherever you are reading this message, there is dirt under your fingernails, smudged on your phone screen, or trapped behind your laptop keyboard. There’s dirt on the dishes in your sink, on the subway tracks you’re waiting next to while you read this, or several stories below where you are, packed down hard beneath a building’s foundation.

It doesn’t really matter where it is, you know it’s there. Can you see it or imagine what it looks like in your head? If you can, go ahead right now and jot down what you imagine the nearest dirt to you looks like. Draw it, make a few notes, photograph it. Whatever. We’ll wait.

Ok, now guess where there isn’t any dirt? Dirt isn’t in your phone’s emoji catalog!!

Even though dirt is where our food comes from, where our bodies get buried when we die, and is literally everywhere we go, it is not represented yet in the emoji universe! We have emojis for unicorns, pufferfish, poodles and Santa Claus, but not dirt. Dirty Time is planning to try to correct this oversight and will be submitting a proposal for a dirt emoji to the Unicode foundation in 2024. But we need your dirty ideas! What should the dirt emoji be??

Until August 18, 2023, we’re accepting dirt emoji proposals in any format (digital, analog, 2d, 3d or 4d, performative, etc.) and plan to exhibit them on Governors Island from September 16 – 30th. We’ll have a rousing closing party for the exhibition on the last day and award state fair/science fair style “ribbons” to proposals in multiple categories, host live emoji case-making, and do public UX testing of some of the crowd favorites through our Emoji Think Tank.

Here’s a slightly a corny video that gives some more background on this project.

Apply here.

We can’t wait to see your ideas!

All That Is Seen And Unseen: Submit Stories For The Shrines Installation

Exhibition Dates: August 19th – September 10th
Location: Governors Island, Colonels Row House 404A
Opening: Saturday, August 19th, 2-5pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, August 19th, 3pm
Exhibition Hours: Saturdays and Sundays, noon-5pm

For additional information:

“All That Is Seen And Unseen,” a solo art exhibition by Amelia Marzec at Flux Factory on Governors Island, opens Saturday August 19, 2pm-5pm. The exhibition presents a collection of objects on the topic of a “queer technological Eastern European diaspora.”

The installation includes: shrines that broadcast coming out stories over Family Radio Service; a typeface inspired by an AI’s opinion of early Slavic writing systems; a sculpture that listens for military aircraft through a radio hidden in a folk art ceiling decoration; and digital photographs that depict the body in ritual garments from Pagan marriage and Catholic priesthood.

Software with imagery based on traditional papercuts, depicting women’s bodies, weapons, and pre-Christian symbols, will be shown. It will also be projected on church buildings and institutional architecture during the run of the show, in conjunction with the Island Luminaria exhibition.

Additionally, a virtual reality piece will be presented at Harvestworks. It is a walking simulator filled with impotent paper-doll tanks.

Submit stories for the shrines installation here.
Amelia Marzec is a Brooklyn-based artist engaging with communications infrastructure to inform a speculative future. Her work has been exhibited at SIGGRAPH, MIT, ISEA (Canada), University of the Arts Helsinki (Finland), ONCE Foundation Contemporary Art Biennial (Spain), NODE Forum for Digital Arts Biennial (Germany), and is part of the Rhizome ArtBase. She was a resident at Eyebeam, Ox-Bow, and Harvestworks; a fellow at NYSCA/NYFA, A.I.R. Gallery, and Columbia University; a visiting artist at CalArts; and nominated for the World Technology Awards for Art. She holds an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons, and a BFA from Mason Gross.



Ornaphonism Open Call – Apply by August 20!

Ornaphonism is an art exhibition exploring the relationship of sculpture and sound.

Below there are two distinct open calls, you can apply for both, but will only be accepted for one!

The exhibition will be held on Governors Island at part of Flux Factory’s residence on the Island. October 14 – 31, 2023.

All successful participants will be given a stipend provided by Flux Factory.
Open Call 1 – Artists working in sculpture

Work must be currently finished or able to be completed before August 20.

Sculptures can be static or kinetic. Experimental practices will be prioritized.

NOTE–Due to the age and condition of the Governors Island space, we cannot accept sculptures heavier than 150 Lbs. 
Open Call 2 – Sound Artists working in performance.

Sound work must be performable in a very broad understanding of the term performance.

Sound Art may be interactive, acoustic or amplified, and experimental practices will be prioritized.

NOTE–All sound artists must be available Saturday October 21st for live performance of your works.
Submit here to the Open Call by August 20!

Getting to Governors Island

Governors Island Hours: 
Sunday – Thursday 7am – 10pm
Friday – Saturday 7am – 11pm

Governors Island is only accessible by ferry with three ferry stops in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Adult ferry tickets are $4. There are free tickets on Saturdays and Sundays before noon.

Weekends only (between Saturday, May 27-Saturday October 29):
Ferries travel between Yankee Pier to Red Hook & Yankee Pier to Pier 6, the last boat from Governors Island to Brooklyn departs at 6pm. The South side of the Island closes every day at 6pm.

The North side of the Island will remain OPEN to the public, with ferry service to Manhattan only. Visit for more ticket info!

Access Notes:
Information about Accessibility on Governors Island can be found here. There is a paved path around the island. To go to Flux Factory’s Colonels Row House 404A, there is one curbed step that leads to a slightly bumpy path for about 20 yards. To enter the building, there are six steps.

About Flux Factory

Flux Factory’s mission is to support emerging artists through residencies, exhibitions, education and collaborative opportunities; build sustainable artist networks; and help retain creative forces in NYC. Through open calls, Flux provides affordable space for 40 Artists-in-Residence a year; shared workspaces such as a print shop and woodshop; time to exhibit in Flux’s gallery; and educational and professional opportunities. Residents produce 4 annual Major Group Exhibitions of new art.

Flux Factory is located at 39-31 29th street, LIC, NY 11101
Click here for directions, accessibility information and Territorial Acknowledgment