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JOB: Installation Assistant Temp

Hi ITPers,
We are two creative partners running and we’re looking to hire someone for a few days to help us setup an installation in NYC.

We are setting up a fun, interactive installation for Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) in NYC (Brooklyn). We need someone to help us set it up on location, represent us in front of the client, troubleshoot and liaise with us remotely to make sure everything runs correctly before the opening day (18th of Dec). We are based in London + Guangzhou, China and we can’t travel on location to setup.

We are looking for your expertise for a few days during the first or second week of December.

Your Skill Set Should Include:
– Exceptional problem-solving abilities and an eye for detail
– Excellent communication skills – a must-have!

– Proficiency in setting up and compiling projects in openFrameworks (coding knowledge not necessary)
– Basic Python skills for effective troubleshooting
– Comfort navigating the macOS environment
– Basic understanding of Mac terminal usage
– Proven experience in assembling physical installations (connecting screens, hiding PCs etc)
– A grasp of version control systems, such as Github Desktop

If you are interested, please contact us asap at

Theo / Jesse