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JOB: Brave New Podcast Transcription & Social Media Assistant

Brave New World is a podcast about the world our futures selves would like to inhabit. Over the last three years, the podcast has featured leading thinkers including Nobel, Turing, and several other award laureates. The podcast releases a new episode every second Thursday. The podcast is at:

A newsletter is published every second Friday. The newsletter starts with some key points about the last podcast, and then either expands on the same topic or something else of current interest. The newsletter is at

Professor Dhar is looking to work with a student to do the following:

  1. Following each podcast, take the mp3 file and transcribe it using a tool like WHISPER, and create text and video summary of its key points. In other words, create a pipeline from the mp3 file to transcript to creation of marketable sound bites.
  2. Promoting the sound/video bites into postable content on platforms such as Tiktok or LinkedIn etc. and measure impact.

Compensation will be competitive and can be on an hourly or project basis. Interested students should reach out directly to Vasant Dahr