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JOB: Full Stack Engineer for Co-Lab-o-Rate



Co-Lab-o-Rate is a generative web3 platform that experiments with gamified split-compensation models and coded contracts to power economic sustainability within the creative industries (art, music, photography). Our interface guides an international network of young artists in co-creating impactful visual narratives, while bridging cultures to become a global force for creative exchange.


This is a remote contract role for an experienced Full Stack Engineer. As a lead developer at Co-Lab-o-Rate, you will be responsible for both front-end and back-end development tasks. You will work on both implementing and improving software features across web and mobile interfaces, and ensure seamless integration of front-end and back-end systems.


We are seeking candidates who are passionate about startup culture and available to code an MVP during our participation in a 12-week incubator hosted by investors. The investor syndicate writes checks to 50 of the participating companies at the close of the program. We are offering 1-2% equity to compensate the MVP build, with an option to step into a paid position upon successful completion of the program.


Reach out to Sabrina Beram at with the subject line ‘Co-Lab-o-Rate Developer // ITP Candidate,’ or via LinkedIn messenger.

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