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INTERN: UGC Map Designer (LiveOps)

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About the Job

We are looking for dedicated undergraduate and graduate students for this internship. A dynamic, 8-12 weeks, and fully remote program. This program has no requirement for graduation period.

Our Game/Project

We are a casual mobile game featuring physics-based, social interaction, and UGC (user generative content) Editor and Platform. We have achievement many milestones within 2 years including 500M registered users with 40M DAU, and 100M+ user-generative maps.

This is a game, but more than just a game, it’s also a platform for players to freely express themselves and create their own unique worlds.

Now we would like to invite you as part of our team to discover and create more fun together!

About the Role

The goals of our internship program are very clear, which is to establish the skills and experience interns need for your future career growth. This internship program will establish specific goals, timelines, and provide you with learning outcomes. Aligning you with meaningful projects around expected skills/experience, and taking corresponding responsibilities.

We will offering Mentorship in the program by assign a supervisor or mentor to each intern, providing guidance, support, and feedback throughout the whole program. We will also offering final presentation to organize a time for interns to showcase your learning experiences and projects your have been involved in, to celebrate and recognize your outstanding contributions.


Participate in the Eggy Party editor tutorial.

Design and develop game maps based on official guidelines or feedback from local players, recent trends, etc., to ensure a seamless gaming experience and to uphold player engagement and satisfaction.

Collect and offer feedback on optimizing editor user-experiences to the product team.

Occasionally serve as a tutor to assist local players in learning game editor usage.

Collaborate with professionals and engage in international cooperation.


Proficient in utilizing game editors such as MC, Roblox, Mario Maker, Fortnite, or other game editors, with a track record of crafting content for sophisticated User-Generated Content (UGC) or sandbox games.

Experience in the entire game creation process, from conception to publishing, iterating corresponding creative content based on user or official feedback.

Passionate about gaming, and mobile gaming experience is preferred.

Familiar with one or more specific gameplay genres (parkour, MOBA, Roleplay, etc.).

Gaming-related major is preferred.

Available to work up to 30 hours per week for a duration of 8-12 weeks