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[JOB] Website UI project for cute robot PLEO!

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Hi, guys

So Sarah working at Ugobe is looking for someone wh=
o can help her with the project below.
Pleo is such a=
cute little dino – we played with it the other day and it was pretty awesom=

If you are interested email her. She=
said someone in NYC is fine. 
– Shinyoung

Hello from a '97 ITP grad currently wor=
king at a cutting edge robotics start-up, UGOBE.
I have an admittedly miniscule budget to freshen u=
p my website, It has many problems that believe me, I am well=
aware of. :-)
But, being at a startup with limited resources, I =
really have three goals:
Make the navigation smar=
ter and better looking
ack a clever and compelling sales-oriented video on the home page with a big=
fat “buy now” button  

Recode the whole sucker into Drupal or som=
e other CMS so it’s easy for me to maintain and let my international partner=
s duplicate and localize on their own.
I think I know where I’m going to get #2 and #3 done=
. I’m looking for a talented, fast, and let’s face it =96 inexpensive =96 de=
signer to handle #1. 

I know I can’t afford an agency, so I’m reaching out to you, my dear al=
ma mater, seeking designers who are interested in a really cool side project=
. While Ugobe may not have big bucks, we do have a cool-as-hell product and =
the work will be great in your portfolio. Additionally, it is not a complex =
project. I already know what we need to do to a great extent and have model =
websites in mind. I am open minded about improvements, but mostly need a fre=
sh compelling sales-oriented style.

We are looking to find someone immediately for completion within a=
month's time. We will pay a flat fee to be negotiated.
If you are interested in this project, let me know=
by sending me your graphic design portfolio. Feel free to pass this email a=
long, but please do not forward it to recruiters.

Sarah Lefton