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Re: how much should i charge for this animation gig

This is completely relative and depends =
on who the end client is.

I am producing a non profit animation project =
right now, and my animator makes $500 a 3 minute clip, flat.
I am =
sure many of you would laugh at that but for him it is great, low key work t=
hat helps him build his portfolio.
But if your clie=
nt is a giant ad agency, sure, you can and should charge $160 an hour.



On Aug 14, 2008, at 10:00=
AM, Jeff Galusha wrote:

as much as you can charge? ha ha h=
I would stay away from giving a quote for the whol=
e gig, this is a paid by the hour or day job. 


I think you would charge somewhere between 25 hr to 60 hr (although th=
e 3D work could be more).
I think the rate needs to be decided ba=
sed on your experience and the artists budget.  You should work out the=
pay rate with the artist, then put it down on paper with pay dates and=
get the artist to sign it.  

On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 9:15 AM, Lucia J. Lee <smellsdreamy@gmai=> wrote:
wise listies,

I am about to do this freelance animation =
gig for an artist.
The artist is working on a film and almost all the media has been created &amp=
; collected, while she’s putting everything together.
She wants me to do=
some 3D animation and retouch some sequences with After Effect and Photosho=
p, and possibly, a video shot.
I have no idea how much I should charge.any idea?

please let me know. i need to know by end of the day.

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