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JOB:[Fwd: Auditions for 3-Legged Dog’s next show.]

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For any actors out there, or th=
ose associated with them….


Auditions for 3-Legged Dog's next production
Rods and Ca=
a wild vulgar cartoonish approach to desire and despair 
#39;Living is so much fun'

Rods and Cables is an original 3-Legge=
d Dog multimedia production created from the detailed imagination of 3-Legge=
d Dog's writer and director Allison M Keating.  It explores our com=
mon fear of loosing trust in the people we love the most.  This ambitio=
us first work creates wild chaos with it's elaborate bizarre designs and=
compelling characters all within an intimate cabaret environment.  Hum=
an nature is examined at it's most instinctual and unmannered form by co=
mparing brutally realistic behavior with cartoonishly slapstick behaviors. T=
he thrill of youth is shown to be fleeting and artificial but is still thril=
ling.  Above all, this play will show you the joy of experiencing new t=
hings, even if it hurts a little.

There are two PAID acting positions for the following female roles:

That Woman:  A short late 30 something voluptuous brunette with eye=
s of steel.  She is desperately in love with The Sexy Clown.  She =
gets very jealous.  Peculiar things come out of her crotch.

The Sultry Flight Attendant:  A 20 something blonde bombshell who =
is birthed onstage fully conscious, but has the mental capabilities of an 8 =
year old.  She learns about life from That Woman and The Clown, everyth=
ing from the joy of food and eating, to the intricate hazards of sex.

Age/ body type/ hair color and style are variable for these roles.

Ms. Keating asks to have a comfortable and=
respectful rehearsal atmosphere at all times, while maintaining a level of =
creative freedom and exploration.  This IS NOT burlesque, pornography, =
or a strip tease performance. Actors will be treated with the utmost profess=
ionalism and courtesy at all times.  However, this is an experimental p=
erformance piece exploring sexual desire, jealousy, and rape, with a hysteri=
cal and comic twist. All actors must be comfortable with the prominent sexua=
l actions throughout the play.  Before an actor is cast a full version =
of the script will be available to be read and discussed with the director.

Rods and Cables will have a 5 week rehearsal period with a four week ru=
n from February 17th through April 13 in Studio B (a 100 seat house) at 3LD =
Art & Technology Center.

***The Role of The Sultry Flight Attendant will also need to be available fo=
r two weeks in September for video shoots.

If you are interested in auditioning, please email the production stage=
manager, Julia Funk at
nbsp; Sides for the audition will then be sent to you.  Please also hav=
e a contemporary monologue prepared.  DON'T FORGET YOUR HEADSHOT!

Auditions will be held Thursday August 21 from 10am to 6pm.  A=
ugust 22 from 9am-12pm.





Contact I=


To S=
chedule contact JULIA FUNK at  Or call 212 645 0374




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