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JOB: Mac IT for 10-person company

respond directly to Rebecca.

Hi Eric,

Wednesday and Joel sugges=
ted I drop you a line to see whether you would be a good match to do some wo=
rk on my mac-based network. I have a mac server with about 10 machines that =
are used   by a variety of staff and clients in my practice. All of the=
machines are either iMacs, powerbooks or macbooks, and they have either OS =
10.4 or 10.5 on them. I have used a couple of tech consultants – who do some=
onsite work and some using Apple Remote – with varied degrees of success b/=
c if lack of follow-up when work they try doesn’t resolve issues we experien=
ce in real time.
At this point I am looking for som=
eone who can address a list of “littles” pertaining to maintenance of my net=
work and to setting up users/folders for new staff and clients. If you are a=
round either this Friday or Monday for a few hours and feel this is up your =
alley, I would love to show you around and do a bit of troubleshooting with =
you. Is that an option?
Feel free to e-mail me or t=
o call my mobile, (917) 495-5107, as I am on the West Coast (with the Mosers=
!). They speak the world of you!
Best and many than=
ks in advance,
Rebecca Mannis, Ph.D.
Learning Specialist
Executive Director
Ivy Prep Learning Center, Inc. (
200 East 94=
th Street, Suite 2414
New York, NY 10128
(212) 360-5959 (Dr. Mannis)
291-2549 (Reception)
(212) 534-9480 (Fax)
“Educate a child acco=
rding to his nature”