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JOB: StoryCorps, Deputy Director, Participant Relations Assistant, Data Analysis Assistant

80 Hanson Pl, 2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: (646) 723.7020 ext. 28

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Deputy Director, StoryCorps
Reports to Director, StoryCorps
Status: Full-time Regular


StoryCorps’ mission is to honor and celebrate one another’s lives through listening. The Deputy Director, StoryCorps functions as a senior leader in the organization and provides guidance and vision to management-level staff. The Deputy Director is responsible for program design, development, and evaluation, working with managers to create, implement, and continuously evaluate and improve StoryCorps services and support systems. These services include providing access to the StoryCorps experience through various funded and fee-for-service interview venues across the nation, as well as access to StoryCorps content through the work of StoryCorps’ Production department and Facilities and Archives department. The Deputy Director works closely with the Director, StoryCorps and the Finance and Development teams to ensure that programs are planned and operated with financial requirements and fundraising needs in mind. The Deputy Director is heavily involved in the day-to-day opera
tions of the Program division, regularly following up on the status of tasks and projects on the Director’s behalf, while bringing issues and plans for resolutions of issues to the Director’s attention. The Deputy Director also develops and improves policies and procedures for existing StoryCorps projects, and regularly prepares reports on services and outcomes for the StoryCorps Executive Team and Board. The Deputy Director leads a variety of interdisciplinary teams to work on short-term projects, and leads planning and annual goal setting for StoryCorps program departments. When needed, the Deputy will also directly manage staff and departments as directed by the Director.
The Deputy Director reports to the Director of StoryCorps.