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JOB: – googlemaps programmer for CONFLUX

> Hello!
> I have a project in CONFLUX this year that could benefit greatly
> from a little googlemaps programming. I am a bit familiar with the
> googlemaps API, but I’m hoping to find someone who is very familiar
> for whom this little task could be somewhat of a snap. We could
> talk about how to compensate you — perhaps some kind of a trade, I
> have some technical skills and equipment, and also I would be happy
> to promote you at CONFLUX and on my website.
> What I need is this: an interface where I can enter addresses and
> it will map them on a googlemap with lines between the places, in
> the order they are entered. So, for example, if I entered address
> A, address B and address C, I would get a (zoomable) googlemap with
> a line drawn from A to B to C (better without the markers). It
> would need to accept up to 10 addresses, if possible. This would
> greatly aid the project I am doing for CONFLUX, which may also show
> in festival in Brazil in October.
> My CONFLUX page is here:
> I’ve pasted the description below, which should clarify a lot.
> please contact me at sarahnw {at} gmail (dot) com if you think you
> can help. CONFLUX is Sept 11-14 at the Center for Architecture.
> Cheers,
> Sarah
> Project Description:
> LOCATIONS & DISLOCATION is a postcard project about moving. It is
> an attempt to creatively and subjectively describe the people who
> move from home to home in the urban environment, swept by the
> forces of the city and the ebbs and flows of life changes. The
> marks of their presence often vanish from each place they leave,
> replaced by new tenants and sometimes new buildings entirely. This
> energy of movement, both voluntary and forced, is a vital component
> of the contemporary urban landscape.
> The process: I collect an individual’s past and current addresses
> in the city where he or she lives. I map these addresses with
> lines from place to place, and then remove the map, leaving an
> abstract line drawing. I collect the reasons for each move, such
> as: job, love, priced out, rats, light, band, adventure, safety,
> space, etc. I print the line drawing and the reasons on a postcard
> and mail it to the person.
> The project searches for the poetry in this personal data, creating
> abstract biographies of a person as he or she moves through a
> city. It reveals the complexities that underline a mobile
> population and excavates the choices and forces that shape an
> individual’s path, while providing abstract documentation and
> affirmation of people whose often untraceable presence is essential
> to the fabric of urban life.
> There is a growing installation of postcards at CONFLUX
> headquarters, beginning with postcards I made for a group of New
> York City artists. Throughout the festival, I will create new
> postcards for CONFLUX attendees to add to the installation.
> Paper submission forms for the new postcards are available nearby
> the installation on a first come, first serve basis for twenty new
> subjects. (People who submit should have lived at three or more
> addresses in the city they currently reside, though you may have
> left and moved back. You do not have to live in New York City.)
> The postcards identify the subject only by first name and city;
> addresses will not be shared with anyone but the artist. Subjects
> will receive a copy of the postcard by mail after the festival.
> Each postcard will become part of the ongoing installation and will
> be photographed and available on on my website, where it can remain
> in dialog with future postcards.
> —