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Graphic Design job for TED & Dave Egger’s- Tuesday AND WEDNESDAY gig

On Aug 30, 2008, at=
12:00 PM, Tikva Morowati <tikvais@g=> wrote:


Let me know if you apply:
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From: Daniel Mitchell <>Date: August 30, 2008 11:53:01 AM EDT
To: Tikva Morowati=
Subject: Graphic Designer
Hey Tik,&nb=

I need a graphic d=
esigner, preferably with some print background to help us with the layout of=
a workbook we’re putting together in association with Dave Egger’s TED Wish=
, Once Upon A School.  
The job consists primarily of repurposing e=
xisting web content and uploading to Blurb.  ( creates self pu=
blished books and it’s a pretty straightforward ap).  Might need some minimal design work a=
s well.  
verything needs to be online by Wednesday night so we’re looking to hire som=
eone for Tuesday and Wednesday.   It’s a non-profit project so we don’t=
have a huge budget, but can pay something.    

Dan Mitchell
Wish Manager=
TED Prize

6TH FLOOR / NEW YORK / NY / 10013
ICE +1 212 346 9333