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[Gig] Electrovision – 7:30pm – 9th March 2009 – Cafe 1001

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=A0Some livecoding next week in London… (pixelpusher)


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Electrovision, London’s most inven=
tive visuals event, returns to Brick Lane’s Cafe 1001 on Monday 9th March fr=
om 7:30pm. *Free Entry*

Special guest SATBack provide=
s a glimpse into the future of VJing. His multi-touch-screen VJ system VPlay is a new paradigm of VJ interactio=
n. Designed for collaboration, it gets the VJ out from behind the laptop, an=
d allows the audience to get involved. Clips, effects, mixers and more can b=
e dragged and linked on-screen to create dynamic visual flows. Direct from t=
he lab, this pioneering prototype showcases the dramatic possibilities of su=
rface computing.

This month’s Electrovision also feat=
ures Pixelpusher, whose kaleidescopic moving montages are accompanied by Che=
ju’s new album Broken Waves.


Motion graphic designer =
Paul Mumford [Labmeta] gets out his microscope, to present an experimental D=
J/VJ set on life at the nano-scale, featuring the secret life of particles.

Relaxed live cinema from Bassik+Pz blurs the boundari=
es between film and VJing, with The_Brandy_Alexander_Project set to electron=
ic dub.

Finally Oli Sorenson [VJ Anyone] provides a =
DVJ grand finale, which includes the very latest AV single from his label Ne=

more info here



7:30 – 11:30pm 9th March 2009
Free entry

Cafe 1001=

1 Dray Walk, 91 Brick Lane
London E1


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