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video editors wanted for best job ever!!

I currently do video editing for Three Generations, a non-profit organizati=
on committed to capturing the stories of genocide survivors.=A0 They video t=
ape the survivors and I edit the interviews for their upcoming ebsite, which=
is getting launched in April.=A0 I currently work about 16 hours a week but=
with thesis getting crazy, I cannot keep doing these hours.=A0 In the inter=
est of not screwing them over by suddenly leaving, I'm looking for a vid=
eo editor to take some (or even all) of my hours!=A0

It's really an amazing job that I wouldn't leave if I didn'=
t have to.=A0 Pay is $15/hour but you set your own hours, and you get free c=
appuccinos all day.=A0 You can probably work remotely from home too if you o=
wn Final Cut Pro.=A0

Email me off list for details.