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quick and dirty 3D animation job for this weekend

Hi everyone

We're looking for a 3D animator who can do work this=
weekend. Contact Ben:

=A0I'm looking for someone who mig=
ht have a few
hours this weekend to do a quick and dirty 3D animation of a talking
refrigerator for Avaaz. More info below.

If you know anyone who might be good, please do send them my way: benwi=
kler on
AIM/google chat, or 646-283-9132, or

The project is very simple: take a 3D=
model of an efficient-looking European refrigerator (there are tons online,=
eg), add some fa=
cial features to it, and animate it talking about an upcoming ruling on ener=
gy efficiency.

In essence, you'd be replacing the teddy bear in this video ( with a refriger=
ator like the one pictured below.

We'd adjust the script a bit and give you the audio file to build
it around. If it turns out beautifully, we would probably then want to
create almost-identical versions in 4-5 languages, unless doing so
would add so much extra time as to render it impossible in our time
frame–which is, we want to launch this to the public on Monday morning
European time. Super-fast and acceptable is way better than pretty-fast
and good.