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JOB: IPhone Dev Opportunity

> From: Daniel Shiffman
> Date: March 9, 2009 9:48:05 AM EDT
> To: Midori Yasuda
> Subject: IPhone Dev Opportunity
> Here is a call from someone I know in Montreal. This is a paid
> opportunity, although that may not be explicitly clear from the
> description below.
> —————-

> Phone App – The ‘Neonagram’ Game (Matt Soar, Concordia University,
> Montreal)
> My ongoing research project is all about signs in the city
> . The idea for this iPhone app is to take a photo
> of one particularly prominent, flashing neon sign in Montreal that’s
> been around since 1948 in various versions
> , and turn it
> into an interactive anagram game; ideally, the user could then save
> the results and upload them to, say, Flickr, via her/his iPhone. I
> have already built the basic idea in Flash
> , and had some fun
> responses ,
> but that’s my limit. The sign says “Farine Five Roses”. (Farine is
> French for flour.)
> I’m going live soon with an extensive participatory art project
> focused exclusively on this sign, and I think an iPhone app along
> these lines would be a terrific way to draw people in (and ultimately
> highlight the cultural/historical importance of old signs, cf the
> Pepsi sign in Long Island City). The sign looks fabulous as it flashes
> on and off at night (see the attached Flash simulation), and it’s
> actually double-sided, so there are actually 30 of those (15′ high)
> letters. Perhaps when the user shakes the iPhone, all 30 letters ‘fall
> off’ their scaffold and float to the bottom of the screen (in
> alphabetical order?), ready to be selectively slid back onto the
> scaffold to make a new message. Perhaps the letters could keep
> flashing on and off even while they’re waiting to be used in an
> anagram, or maybe the letters only begin to flash once a new anagram
> has been confirmed/saved. I’m also very open to other ideas. Finally,
> I would like it to be a free app, with minimal language; whatever is
> there needs to be in French and English. (I can help with this.)

Matt Soar