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JOB: Technical Producer

Please note: This is a full time, on site position in Manhattan.
Expert project management is at the core of everything we do; we=92re look=
ing for the perfect person to join our team of energetic, imaginative, perso=
nable, and ultra-efficient producers. The job entails a broad mix of day-to-=
day client communication, creative brainstorming, business analysis, strateg=
y and consultation, project requirements definition, information architectur=
e, planning and scheduling, systems and network administration, and manageme=
nt of the project life-cycle from initial concept through creative developme=
nt, production, testing, and delivery. Yep, it=92s a big job; you=92ll be re=
sponsible for insuring client satisfaction (to start; your goal should be cl=
ient ecstasy), supporting the programming and production staff with everythi=
ng they need to do their best possible work, and maintaining our high standa=
rds of quality and creative ingenuity. You=92ll be guided by experienced man=
agers with an intimate and thorough knowledge of our clients=92 business nee=
ds and our internal best practices, but you=92ll be expected to become incre=
asingly self-sufficient. The right kind of person for this job seeks out res=
ponsibility and accountability, can exercise good judgment and make decision=
s quickly, and knows when to ask for help and support.

Candidates should possess a comprehensive and intuitive knowledge of ne=
w media technology and aesthetics, and business strategy for both existing a=
nd emerging platforms. The job requires a firm grasp on application developm=
ent, systems administration, programming, database administration, and the c=
reative and technical principles underlying these roles. High-level expertis=
e in usability standards, information architecture, modular OOP programming,=
and performance optimization are key. Also needed are a strong creative poi=
nt of view combined with the perspective, patience, and communication skills=
necessary to cultivate and shape the creative energies of collaborators.

Our work environment is friendly and supportive but requires the abilit=
y to think fast, plan well, and adapt when necessary while managing with a s=
teady, calm, and firm hand. Practical experience or theoretical familiarity =
with the =93agile software development=94 methodology would be a good fit. I=
f you are diligent, meticulous, responsible, and curious, and you=92re willi=
ng to learn and grow from the experience, you=92ll soon be performing miracl=
es on a regular basis and will probably be qualified to run a country (a lit=
tle one like Tonga or perhaps Norway).

Specific requirements include:

-At least one year of management=
experience in the field of software development (preferably also with manag=
ement experience in digital design and marketing).

-Bachelor=92s deg=

-Impeccable: Documentation, knowledge of systems and network administra=
tion;; written and spoken communication and follow-up; project planning, res=
ource allocation, and scheduling by project, phase, and component; informati=
on architecture and interface design; QA; design taste and judgment; listeni=
ng and problem-solving skills.

-Necessary: HTML/XHTML/DHTML/CSS/JavaScript, Photoshop, Flash, Linux sy=
stems, SQL, DNS, J2EE architecture and standards, version control, content m=
anagement, tech support.

-The ability to manage multiple short-term =
projects simultaneously and keep a global perspective, finding opportunities=
to streamline development, build on existing expertise, create re-usable co=
de objects, etc.

-A large and open mind, a small ego, a generous and steady temperament,=
and the ability to lead when necessary and step back when appropriate.

-Sense of humor, all-around niceness.

Are you this person? If so=
, please email dbrenman@second= a resume and cover letter describing your previous work expe=
rience and how it has prepared you for this new challenge.

Dana Brenman